Diagnostic analysis of two relationships

Posted: October 17th, 2013


Diagnostic analysis of two relationships

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Diagnostic Analysis of Two Relationships


Effective communication between individuals is usually determined by various factors. Such factors include the understanding of the audience by an individual. This is essential as it provides an avenue for evaluating the environment and gauging the level of effectiveness of communication with the audience. Speaking listening and gesturing are among the main forms of communication between individuals. Listening provides an individual with the ability to give response based on the quality of speech provided. Hence listening forms an integral part of communication as it determines the quality and level of response to be provided by an individual, which may be either satisfactory or unsatisfactory. Perception and understanding are directly related in that proper listening skills translate into good perception and understanding.


I usually feel uncomfortable in having conversations with my property owner. This is mainly evidenced by the tone in conversations. This is also determined by various external factors such as the environment for engaging communication. I am usually calm if she is able to communicate in a calm manner and convey information and ideas. However, she is moody and angry which results in a negative response. Her tone of communication usually determines the success of the conversation as well as the quality and my ability to issue a response.

My listening skills could be termed as effective in that I able to understand the various issues and information issued by my partner, which enable me to issue subsequent feedback. I usually select the information that I find valuable. I provide undue attention to important issues and tend to ignore relatively unimportant issues. Self-concept and self-esteem also determine the success of communication with my partner. This is due to issues such as facial expressions and gestures, which indicate the gravity of information and ideas communicated.


I highly regard my professor due to his level of intellect and education. In my conversations with the professor, I usually conduct myself in a highly presentable and professional manner. I am usually attentive and keen in my interactions with my professor as the conversations are usually based on professional issues. I usually look into my professor’s eyes as an indication the high-level interest and attention into the issue beforehand. As part of effective communication strategies, precise and persuasive communication is exhibited in my conversations with the professor. This is because the professor speaks with precision and persuasion. Listening to such learned individuals is therefore important as they have experience and expertise in the field I am interested.


The main differences between listening to the identified parties are driven by the levels of interest in the information and ideas communicated by the identified parties. This is a cognitive response as it indicates the level of interest and subsequent participation in communication to issue positive feedback to an identified party. Low interest results in a low-level response whereas a high interest results in high-level responses. Low interest roughly translates into poor understanding and perception as all the five senses are not involved in the task.

Self esteem and persuasiveness in communication with other parties is essential for an engaging conversation and communication with an individual. The two factors determine the success of communication with other parties. Increasing my self-awareness would enable me attain a higher level of self-confidence and esteem. It would provide me with the skills to engage in persuasive and precise communication with individuals. Additionally this is essential for increasing the level of attentiveness and interests in the course of communication with other parties.

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