Designing a Program

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Designing a Program





Designing a Program

Program design enables the programmer to think about his plans before implementing them. This enables programmers to have a better and deeper understanding of the problem they are about to solve. Consequently, this leads to fewer mistakes during program development, and it quickens the development of the program. Program design leads to the development of high quality programs, which solve the problem they are intended to solve. Program design also helps to reduce the time taken in coding and testing the program. Design enables the programmer to identify the input data, and the output received from the computer program (Brewer, 2009).

I think that flowcharts would be more beneficial for me. Their use of graphical representation using symbols makes it easy to understand the necessary processes. Once a person learns all the symbols, it becomes easy to understand where to place all the input. I find it more interesting to look at graphical illustrations, than reading the algorithms describing the programming process. Once a person has a clear understanding of the program essentials, it becomes easy to develop a flowchart (Sharma & Thapliyal, 2010).

Programmers would face numerous problems if they wrote the code without designing the program. Perhaps the major problem they would encounter is developing an efficient code, which does not help in solving any problem (Pilone & Miles, 2007). For instance, a person who wants to develop a program for issuing a company’s salary slips needs to have all the information necessary in designing the slips. Writing the code without this information will result to miscalculation of salaries, and this could be costly to the organization.


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