Criminal Justice

Posted: November 27th, 2013



Criminal Justice





Criminal Justice

Female Offending Trends: Increasing Number of Drug and Substance Abuse Offenders

Reports from the correctional services of the United States indicate an alarming trend in the increasing number of female offenders suffering from drug and substance abuse related problems If this recidivating factor remains unchecked, then the escalating rates are bound to continue as the old cases compound the new ones. The prison system lacks the appropriate and most efficient means to deal with such cases. Women offenders suffering from drug and substance abuse related problems require specialized care as opposed their other counterparts.

Solution: Establishment of Gender-Based Abuse Programs

There is indeed great need for the development of gender-based abuse programs throughout the United States of America. When the said programs are established and implemented, there is bound to be reporting of successful outcomes. The programs are to employ a cognitive-behavioral approach, which gives emphasis primarily to the behavior change as opposed to the conventional specific use of substances.

Female Offending Trends: Increasing Number of Women with Minors or Pregnant

Statistics indicate an increase in the number of women who are mothers and/or pregnant women. Another alarming statistic shows that most of the incarcerated women that are pregnant or are mothers lack the necessary knowledge relevant in the proper rearing of children. These skills include correct birthing procedures, the child’s nutritional requirements, childcare and guidance skills and close proximity to the proper reproductive services that they require. Indeed, the number of incarcerated mothers and/or pregnant women is at an alarming high.

Solution: Establishment of Proper Parenting and Childcare Facilities

In order to avert the adverse effects of this trend, family reunification needs to be the main goal of the prison and correctional facilities’ system. Both the federal and state governments ought to invest more in programs aimed at educating the prisoners on the relevant parenting roles and the psychological and developmental requirements of their children. The programs are to delve or focus mainly on the prenatal care, the concern and assignment of children, policies regarding visitations, and custody rights.

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