Constructive Feedback

Posted: October 23rd, 2013

Constructive Feedback





Constructive Feedback

Cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT can be applied in various scenarios such as depression, pain disorders, anger management, drug and alcohol problems, and many others. However, one particular use of CBT I might apply in my counseling therapy would be in relationship problems. Problems in relationships such as marriages are issues that need to be dealt with. If left unattended, they pose the danger of ruining the relationship eventually. In this regard, CBT is an efficient way of understanding issues in a relationship and finding effective solutions to these issues (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008). Primarily, applying CBT in case of relationship issues would involve changing the thinking pattern of a couple into a more positive one.

Couples in most relationships are bound to go through problems, and their response to these problems determines how the relationship will develop. Hence, CBT enables couples to identify methods of dealing with their issues. For example, people may respond to bad scenarios with humor or use it as means of personal growth. This is what cognitive behavioral therapy entails. It involves finding powerful and healthy ways of approaching certain events that were responded to negatively. However, it is necessary for a couple to approach this form of situation together rather than alone. Together, a couple can work through the problems affecting their relationship (Yarhouse & Sells, 2008).

In this regard, CBT can, for example, be used in case between a husband and wife couple undergoing problems in their sexual lifestyle. The couple stated that they were no longer sexually intimate as they began their relationship. In this case, CBT can be applied through conducting a functional analysis that includes observes the couples current behaviors, and the consequences of those behaviors. Afterwards, this would require analyzing the environment to establish solutions of addressing the aforementioned problems.



Yarhouse, M., & Sells, J. (2008). Family Therapies: A Comprehensive Christian Appraisal. Downers Grove: IVP

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