Computer Applications

Posted: November 29th, 2013

Computer Applications







Computer Applications

Question 3

From what I gather, I consider using a template to create a resume a bad idea. The reason I take this stand is that one’s resume may stand out due to lack of uniqueness. In this case, every other applicant has access to the same template. Hence, one runs the risk of submitting a resume formulated in a similar style with other competing applicants. Moreover, using a template to create a resume implies that one lacks technology familiarity. This implies that he or she is not able to format the document independently. This answer does not depend on any job in particular it applies universally. In order to avoid the perceived negatives attached to using a template, one has to be unique in their work. In this case, this should involve avoiding mistakes common with most resume templates such as missing or inaccurate contact information and dates, irrelevant information, poor grammar, typographical errors, spelling errors, overly small or big fonts and margins (Aspray, 2008).

Question 4

The advertisement provides information on benefits of using new and improved version Dentine toothpaste. Indeed, the advertisement design has been affected by the company’s knowledge of the intended target market. In this case, the advertisement has included two separate pictures of a before and after scenario. In the first scenario, the picture is that of unhealthy and stained teeth. The after scenario is a picture of the same teeth but healthy and whitened after using the improved Dentine toothpaste. The advertisement design is effective because it acts to address oral problems with many people. It also guarantees to limit one’s visits to the dentist thus saving money. This concept is effective in terms of appealing to the viewer’s health and financial interests (Aspray, 2008). From analyzing a print advertisement, it can be learned that creating a presentation should appeal to the important interests of the intended audience.

Question 5

The service time method for developing slide content is used for standard processing purposes. The disadvantage of using this method is that it is a tedious approach. The other method of developing slide content is through CSS and HTML approach (Abelson, 2006). This approach is however disadvantageous because it consumes a lot of time when editing the slides. The third method is the LaTeX approach (Abelson, 2006). The main advantage of this approach is that it is best suited for developing slides in PDF format. The final method is referred to as the atomic method. This method is most suitable when approaching task of developing bulk slide content. This is its main advantage.

Question 6

I would use Excel in complete this assignment by creating spreadsheets for purposes of recording the respective product sales and the payment received from such sales. I would use the description entry in the program to for purposes of including explanative notes for the entry in question (Aspray, 2008). The kind of information I need to produce an accurate and useful analysis includes information on how to run Excel program effectively, the total product sales, and information relating to those sales such as accounting period, product returns inwards, and sales discount. Before proceeding to begin this assignment, I would ask the accounting manager what period the analysis should cover and access to all information relating to sales accounting of the business.

Question 7

From what I was able to gather Excel spreadsheet program, only one problem would arise from Jake’s actions. In an Excel program, it is possible to convert the contents of a given cell containing a formula in a way that the values calculated can replace the formula (Abelson, 2006). The problem in this case is that once formulas are replaced by values, the formulas are permanently removed by the Excel program. Therefore, someone can look for the formulas to establish whether Jake used them or not.

Question 8

I would explain to Mike that the error message ‘#REF!’ occurred because a formula in his spreadsheet contains erroneous cell references. I would advice him to use the undo feature as a means of recovering the lost data. If he gets ‘#####’ in his cells, then Mike needs to correct the cell references for copied or moved formulas.



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Aspray, W., & Ceruzzi, P. E. (2008). Computer applications and business. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.


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