Comparison Paper

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Comparison Paper

Margaret Peterson’s “Three Women” uses expressionism as the main style to enhance the theme of the painting and convey messages to the audience. On the other hand, Pablo Picasso’s “Three Women” and Fernand Leger’s “Three Women” are similar in that they adopt cubism as the preferred style. Cubism is a form of art, which was adopted by the latter tow artists, Picasso and Leger in their art forms. Their art forms are express in providing the various themes of the world of women and feminism. Feminism is vital in the world as the women is likened to the mother earth for bringing forth life and civilization as the earth is also responsible for providing existence to the various creations. Peterson is influenced by the works of Leger and Picasso in that she assumes a feminist perspective to highlight her stance of the importance of feminism in the modern world. Additionally she also uses cubism as an approach to display intricate feminist details, which are part of her inner thoughts.

Picasso and Leger use nudes as the means of providing express indication of their intention to explore feminism. Leger uses reclining nudes in a house or an apartment while having tea or drinks in the comfort of what is easily seen as a highly furnished apartment. His focus on precision in the art is essential as it is used to bring out his faith in modernity. In addition, his precision is an indication of the dire need for fusion of the machine ages and art to reverse the effects of the chaos, which was unleashed unto the world by the world war one. The art provided by Léger is an indication of his urge to see development and transition from the old into the new forms of art.

Leger and Peterson have an identical view of modernity. Modernity is provided in the tones of the colors used as they highlight a new dawn from the dark periods of world war. Léger seeks to make a transition form the world ways into a new world, which is marked by the presence of adequate liberties for the women and their ability to exercise such liberties. Precision is evidenced by the geometrical shapes provided in the surroundings of the painting as well as the shapes used to illustrate the changes in terms of posture and structure of the modern woman. The differences are used to indicate the transition from the traditional painting of women into the new means of portrayal of women. The distinct shapes are precise and elaborate in terms of the color and structure, which is used to give a solid statement of his value for modernity.

 He seems to emphasize on a new form of reclining nudes, which is in contrast with the traditional forms of nudes. His new forms of nudes are dislocated and mass rounded. He uses machine like precision to provide geometric equilibrium in the shapes of the women as well as of the objects in the surroundings in the painting. He uses deep black color bands and panels of white colors to indicate his awareness of the Mondrian on the verge of an artist becoming famous and slithering into the limelight of the art world. Picasso stated that there are only two types of women, goddesses and doormats. This is an express indication of his consideration that women have a great role in determining their individual images and the respect they accrue from the society.

This is achievable through individual conduct in order to accrue respect and grace. In his painting, he portrays grace of the women and her level of autonomy to make decisions, which is demonstrated by the presence of mobility. He uses women as his strongest view of the world by application of the earthly colors to illustrate of his connection of the woman to the earth and Mother Nature. His likening of the woman to the Mother Nature and the earth is an indication of his respect for diversity and existence or life for all people irrespective of their gender and color.

On the other hand, The Three Women provided by Picasso are an indication of his dire need to bring about the themes of femininity in his work. Femininity is used to indicate a mother or women bring about the development of new things unto the world. The earth is a mother, the nature is a mother, and hence femininity is of essence in both traditional and modern societies. In addition, the nudes are an express indication of his preference for clarity in terms of providing expression of his feelings.

Margaret on the other hand provides color as central focus for providing the theme of tranquility in her art. She indicates that women are knowledgeable as their male counterparts. Her artwork is comparable to the art provided by Picasso in that they assume the perspective of femininity as the strong point of communication to the audience. Margaret uses deep and rich color to illustrate the aspect of femininity in terms of beauty. However the art presented could not be considered as nude as the women are portrayed in a contemporary setting. She provides the women in the art as they are in study. Hence, she seems to educate the audience that women could easily consumer knowledge in the modern world to uplift their lives as those of their loved ones as well as of the society.

Picasso and Peterson apply the use of earth tones in their works to illustrate their connection of their works to the social elements such as existence, gender and nature. Earth tones are usually an indication of respect for life and existence of people. Both individuals seem to give appreciation of the role of the woman in formation of the society or the world. She assumes a major role in bringing forth generations similar to the role of the earth and Mother Nature. Both Mother Nature, earthy and the women are identical in that they give support to the existence of their offspring or creations. In addition, women and the earth are similar in that they provide means for survival, support, and existence respectively, which encourages diversity as well as the similarities among the women. This is highlighted by the varying postures of the women and their expressions in the paintings.

Cubism is an art form, which is thought to have been instigated by Picasso in his works. Cubism was because of the influence of expressionism. Cubism is used to highlight the traits fop foreign cultures, which were not explored by the civilized world such as cultures in Africa, South America and Micronesian art forms. Cubism is a form of expressionist approach as it is assumed with the aim of expressing various ideas such as similarities among women, equality, birth and origin and overall femininity which is the main them in the three art forms provided by Margaret, Léger and Picasso respectively.

Margaret and Picasso have a common view in their art forms. Their art emphasizes the presence of grace in the art because of the skin tones, which use bright colors with the aim of indicating the presence of purity amongst the women. As Picasso provides of the presence of two kinds of women, goddesses and doormats, he emphasizes this in his art by ensuring that the women are portrayed in the brightest of colors. Peterson also uses color with the aim of ensuring that the audience understands of the importance of color in expressing aspects of purity and clarity, which is indicated in the bright colors of the paintings by both Picasso and Peterson.

Hence, Picasso and Margaret assume that grace is a vital trait, which is present in women and should be guarded zealously. In addition, he also indicates the presence of both movement and immobility in the paintings. This is used to illustrate the abilities of the women in terms of making their individual decisions with respect to their sexuality.

Women’s sexuality and autonomy in terms of their ability to make decisions to better their lives and the sexuality is also a theme, which is provided in the art forms. This is brought about in the artwork provided by Picasso in that he focuses on the mobility and immobility of the women he brings out in the painting. This indicates both the level of autonomy and immobility provided by the society to the women. In addition, the women in the painting by Picasso yearn to gain autonomy in terms of achievement of individual liberties, which are probably restricted by the society and the state.

Margaret and Léger have similarities in that they both focus on aspects of modernity. In Léger’s work, he provides that aspect in that the women are modern in that they are able to ensure their ability to read and write. Literacy amongst women has been an issue, which has gained widespread acceptance in the contemporary settings. This is because of the gradual realization of the essence of independence among women as well as gender parity in terms of access to the liberties accessible to the male part of the society.

The three art works provide the themes of grace, gender sensitivity and femininity in the modern society. Hence, there is a dire need in the modern society by women to ensure that they are able to exercise liberties such as access to education, which is highlighted in the works by Fernando Leger. Feminism is important because the origin of society dwells on the feminine part of society and one the women.

Conclusively, Peterson’s work is because of her emulation of the cubist approach assumed by Picasso and Léger. She indicates that she shares identical thoughts and perspective in terms of her consideration of the ordinary modern women. She emphasizes of the presence of grace and independence among the women in their effort to attain gender parity through education and other social platforms.




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