Climate Change, Environmental problem

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Climate Change, Environmental problem

Question 1

It is agreeable that climate change is an environmental justice issue. The major reason of this argument is based on the definition of environmental justice. This is the equal treatment and participation of all people regarding implementation enforcing or developing laws, policies or regulations concerning the environment. This means that all people, regardless of their origin, race, ethnicity, gender or income should be part of this environmental issue. Environmental justice also entails people sharing both benefits and burdens of an environmental aspect (Sandler & Pezzullo, 55).

Climate change effects are being experienced globally. It is not fair when only the environmental department is left to handle them alone. Climate change was caused by global human activities. These activities were emitting CFCs gases, deforestation and other activities. All of them were done by people all around the world. The climate determines the survival of human beings among other activities. This is why every individual in the world should take part in mitigating the effects. The laws, policies and regulations therefore, should be enforceable to everyone.

It is important for people to understand the need to take up the responsibility of preserving the environment. It plays a big role in determining climate pattern. Today, the climate pattern has changed negatively because the environment has been degraded. Climate change should be an environmental justice issue and everyone should participate in enhancing it. Scientists have confirmed if the environmental degradation continues the climate change will become worse and unsuitable for life existence (Sandler & Pezzullo, 60).

Question 2

            Global warming is an environmental problem in the world. The earth’s temperature has been riding gradually since the end of nineteenth century. It has increased with about 0.8 degrees centigrade. The main cause of this problem is emission of greenhouse gases. They are produced by burning fossil fuels and using aerosols with chlorofluorocarbon gases. Global warming has caused floods, depletion of ozone layer and rising of the ocean (Simon, 90). Some of the solution is using sustainable energy like wind and geothermal power. Toxic gases should be detoxified before released in the air. People should also use alternative methods instead of burning fossil fuels.

Several environmental justice questions surround this problem. The most important is whether the people are complying with laws concerning this problem. Environmental Protection Agency has formulated standards for mitigating global warming. Another vital question should be enquiring what the people are doing to regulate global warming. They have a responsibility of participating in controlling global warming. They should learn the causes and solution for them to understand this problem. People should avoid activities causing global warming and they should implement solutions (Simon, 122).

Environmental justice is important in discussing this problem because it involves participation of all people. It was caused by human activities and it is fair if all of them took responsibility. All people are entitled to enjoy benefits of the environment. Similarly, they should bear the burden of the shortcomings it brings. For this problem to be solved, people need to contribute positively. Some of the activities involved in environmental justice of this problem include abiding by the laws protecting the environment, preserving the environment and avoiding any causes of global warming. Environmental issues should involve the community since the environment is part of life on earth (Sandler & Pezzullo, 112).

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