AT&T Accessories

Posted: November 27th, 2013





AT&T Accessories

            AT&T is the largest provider of technology services like fixed telephony, broadband services and subscription television services in the United States. The company offers a vast variety of services, products and accessories. They have been providing reliable, innovative and high quality services and products for over a hundred years coupled up with an excellent customer care service. The company aims at providing communication solutions worldwide targeting domestic, small and medium enterprises and corporate clients. The company also wants to be the leader in provision of entertainment services. The company however has a vast variety of products and these products are accompanied with a large number of accessories in order to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction.

Some of the products the company offers are a wide variety of mobile phones from several companies like Samsung, Alcatel, Nokia, Blackberry just but to name a few. The mobile devices come with a wide range of software and transaction capabilities like the android type of phone, the Smartphone and the mobile computers. These devices come wit ha wide variety of accessories. Accessories include, car chargers, which mostly target business people and people who travel often. This accessory enables them to have a charging solution in their vehicles while they are on the move. Another accessory is the earpiece, which is either connectable to the phone or wireless and works via Bluetooth. The accessory targets mostly the drivers and it enables communicate while on the go without causing major distractions or violating traffic rules (Wireless Ground, 2011).

The headset is another type of accessory, which is built to target mostly the music lovers or also the drivers. For the music lovers it enables high quality and clear sound and good volume and for the drivers it allows the answering of calls while on the back of the wheel. Home chargers are another set of accessories sold along with AT&T mobile devices. This accessory enables a mobile device user to charge their mobile device while in the comfort of their home via their electrical sockets. Among the chargers, there are also the travel chargers, which are devices that are built for mostly the tourists or people who travel often. This accessory is built to enable charging whenever and wherever while on the go. Batteries are also other accessories that are sold together with the AT&T mobile devices. These accessories enable flexibility of movement and target the travelers mostly. This is because they allow one to carry more than one battery on a trip and therefore in the instance where one battery is out of charge, one can use the other.

Among the accessories there are also items used to carry the devices like leather cases and belt clips. The leather cases are designed to suit the make of the device and are to protect the device from scratching or damage in case they are accidentally dropped. Belt clips on the other hand are meant to enhance security and portability of the device. This is because they allow the device owner to attach the device on their belt and this enables security and portability. Desktop-chargers face plates and phone covers are other accessories that are sold along with the mobile devices. The desktop chargers mostly target office users. These chargers are designed to be placed on the tables in an office and just by placing the phone on the charger, it automatically starts charging, therefore the phone is ever fully charges to avoid the inconvenience of a switched off phone (AT&T, 2011).

The faceplates on the other hand are meant act as replacements for the mobile device’s original face plates after they are destroyed or after they wear out due to age or usage. The faceplates might be changed, as the user prefers to bring about change. The phone covers are meant to enhance safety of the phone from scratching and damaging by accidental falling. These are some of the vast accessories offered by the AT&T Company as a way of offering customer satisfaction and good quality service.


















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