Activities Portfolio

Posted: October 17th, 2013



Activities Portfolio






Activities Portfolio

Activities Portfolio Assignment #1

Chapter 3: Social Beliefs and Judgments

            A recorded television commercial on alcohol advertisement portrays a physically attractive person drinking a brand of alcohol being advertised. The person portrayed in the advertisement is almost the same age as the targeted consumers of the product. These targeted consumers are the youths. The advertiser uses the image advertising technique. This technique will work on the people since today most of the youths prefer the image advertising to the product advertising. This applies mostly in advertisements concerning alcohol. Those people who aim to drink like other adults are drawn to such advertisements. Eventually, they get attracted to the product and end up drinking. The advertisements portray the drinking behavior using a character that is socially desirable than the targeted audience.

This will bring great profits to the product since people will want to associate themselves with it. They will develop the urge of mimicking the character in the advertisement. This technique mostly affects the adolescents due to their exposure to the characters they identify with in the drinking world. The use of a physically attractive, successful and athletic person makes them develop a great perception about the product making them want to associate with it. The role model technique in advertisements plays a great part in promoting advertisements. The youths only choose to act like the role models they see in the advertisements. They seldom imitate the exact actions they see on the advertisements. Therefore, they may end up focusing on being on the same class as their role model portrayed in the advertisements by choosing to consume the alcohol (Connolly, 2010).

Activities Portfolio Assignment #2

Chapter 4: Behaviors and Attitudes

            The social and prestige suggestion may play a great part in persuading a person to consume a certain product. The alcohol television commercial advertisement is a great example. This advertisement makes the targeted consumers feel the urge of consuming the product mainly because their role model in the advertisement consumes it. They may also feel the urge to consume the brand of alcohol because their friends already consume it. A person may also suggest the product to a friend. This may make the friend curious and in turn end up consuming the product. In addition, the loaded words and images also play a great role in persuading the targeted consumers to consume the product. The alcohol advertisement uses a physically fit character in promoting the alcohol product. They use a person whom the targeted consumers perceive positively. This makes the youths want to associate with the products the character in the advertisement uses.

This plays a great part in persuading the consumers to use the product. The alcohol products may also be named after famous people. An example is the Johnny Walker drink. This makes people to want to consume the product. This may be because they admired the person. Finally, an appeal to the creation of needs also plays a big part in the persuasion process. Makosky suggested describing this technique with reference to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This theory certifies that people are motivated to satisfy their basic needs first before focusing on the more advanced needs. A pyramid presents this hierarchy. The lowest items in the hierarchy are the basic needs. The pyramid then advances to the complex needs. The top need is the need of self-actualization, which is important to accomplish. Therefore, for someone to feel the urge of consuming the alcohol product, he must have developed a need that persuades him to consume the product. The advertisements play a great part in influencing a person to develop these needs (O’Shaughnessy & O’Shaughnessy, 2004).



Connolly, S. (2010). Advertisements. Mankato, Minn: Smart Apple Media.

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