A child who is frightened of school

Posted: November 26th, 2013






A child who is frightened of school

The first day of school is not for all children even if it is the most beautiful one. Some of them are really happy and eager while others do not feel at ease when they enter inside the classrooms for the first time. Starting with the first grade, school becomes the child’s second home. Most children find it hard to cope up in a new environment because they fear being separated from their parents. If the teacher scolds them or if they argue with one of the classmates, then they definitely do not want to go back to school the next day.

There is a seven-year-old child of my friend who was frightened of school. He hates school for no particular reasons. He loved school at first but recently, things started changing. He was happy and anxious the first time he was taken to school, but recently he started refusing not go to school. He gives all types of excuses of not going to school. In every morning, he cries before going to school and sometimes says that he is not feeling well or his dog is sick. We tried to tell my friend to be tough and avoid tolerating any excuses that he gives but it did not work out.

One morning, his parent went to school to investigate what was going on and if the child had any problems. The teacher said he does not know because he has never noticed any case of bullying or teasing. The parent went home and requested the child to go with him to school but he accepted on the condition that his parent swore not to leave him alone. The parent promised that he would stay with him although the parent had an idea of hiding from him after entering the classroom.

When they arrived at school, the parent communicated with the teacher and told him to take care of him. The child refused and said that he would not stay alone unless his parent accompanies him to classroom. This made other children and teachers to laugh at him. He started crying while going towards the gate and his parent followed him. Finally, his parent knew that his teacher, who was so strict, might have caused the fear.

A clown arrested for public drunkenness

It was a brilliant morning when I woke up and took a bath because I was invited to my friend’s party. When I reached the party, I found children making a lot of noise; others looked scared while others were not. Immediately after stepping the door, I saw a clown who was entertaining children. He was wearing masks that created a lot of attention to children but behind that, he was staggering because of being drunk. This made some children get scared while others were enjoying the way he was making funs and movements. As I was looking for a good place to sit down, certainly the police came and arrested the clown for being drunk in the public.

On the way to the police station, the clown started begging the police to release him admitting that he was sorry for disappointing the children. Some children started following the police telling them not to take the clown away from them. The clown was taken to jail and he was judged for being drunk while acting in the public. The clown did not admit for drinking on the same day of the scene but admitted that he took alcohol the day before the invitation to the party. This made the police furious and they kept him in the jail for some few hours until the alcohol was completely out of his system.

The police did not want him to cause harm to children because he was intoxicated too much. The clown was later required to go through a booking process that was a requirement of the court. He was told later to see a judge and set his bail thus was required to call a friend to help him put the money together. I then went to help him because I discovered that the clown was my close friend though we had never seen each other for quite some time. While in the police station, I discovered that drunkenness is not allowed especially when an individual is performing or acting in the public.

The most important moment in my life

The awful accident occurred to me a few years ago and only a few flashback memories are left in my head. It was unforgettable and the most important moment in my life because I escaped death. It was winter period in March and a Monday morning. During that period, it was raining heavily accompanied by thunderstorms and hailstones. I had just left my aunt’s place heading to work after a delicious breakfast along with a little of our homemade wine. I left at my aunt’s place when it was late and this made me to drive at a higher speed.

Once on the high way, I tried to avoid the lateness by increasing the speed tremendously by maintaining a high speed. In several occasions, the speedometer was above 140 MPH. When the crash happened, I was not wearing the seatbelt. In fact, I found myself on the passenger seat unwillingly. The windshield and the side mirrors were reduced to thousands of pieces, many of which were all over my body. The absence of glass also facilitated the rain into getting inside the vehicle and created more discomfort. The front of the car, where the engine was located, had been pushed inwards that it almost reduced the length of the car in half. I was so furious about the damages that I did not even bother about my health conditions.

In reality, the policy statement stated that I had been unconscious for more than one hour before someone found me. When I came to my normal senses, I did not remember why I was in the car. As time went by, I began to judge the gravity of the situation, and my misery as well. Fully awake and angry, I could still not move. My leg was hurting and something was obfuscating my sight. I later discovered that it was my own blood. At the same moment, I turned my head to the left and discovered I was in hospital getting treatment. It was a terrible accident but if my friend could have not found me, I could have lost my life.








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