3D solid works better than 2D sketching

Posted: November 27th, 2013





3D solid works better than 2D sketching

Thesis: The 3D CAD has been discovered advantageous over the use of 2D by engineers in making draft and design changes because of it is flexibility and efficiency operation in the manufacturing companies.

Audience: My paper is directed towards engineers who deal with Computer Aided Diagram (CAD) software for sketching, modeling and drawing two dimensional (2D) and three dimensional (3D) diagrams. The paper is meant to display the advantages of the 3D CAD over the 2D CAD.

Introduction: Solid Works has been recognized as the standard in the 3D CAD software field. The integration of user interface and the applications of solid works make it powerful and proficient software. A product catalogue is created before any designing and drafting takes place. In a 3D CAD modeling, an easy 2D sketch is required. However, the sketch is not a complete part but only represents the fundamental geometry of the module. 3D defines the guidelines for the extruded module.

The 3D modeling technologies have increased in application for better transformation in solid works companies. Many companies use the 2D sketching in drafting and drawing work. The use 3D system has a way of visualizing objects in the manufacturing companies globally. In the competitive world market, the marketing time is essential thus, engineers need to produce engineer products that should reach customers quickly and this means fewer engineering change order.

{Engineers in diagram development need to use the 3D CAD software since…..}

I. They help in error identification earlier in the drafting and designing process.

A. Reason: This enables engineers to save time for more transformation change rather than spending their valuable time in drafting and designing of engineer products.

Warrant: Time saving is necessary for the need of efficiency and performance of more work.

B. Counter Argument: Error identification can be done by the engineer himself when designing.

Warrant: The engineer is a professional and therefore is skilled in the field, thus he/she can identify the errors in the work by him/herself

II. They produce quality results

A. Reason: They produce quality and ideal representatives of the complex products that are used in communication especially within the designing team, the customers and the suppliers.

Warrant: High quality is necessary in the field to maintain professionalism

B. Counter Argument: The 2D CAD also produces quality results

Warrant: They only produce 2D drawings.

III. They are better tools for creating changes in the companies.

A. Reason: Using 3D more work can be done and the quick generation of views for technical and assembly illustrations is possible.

Warrant: The more the work is being done the more the income.

B. Counter Argument: The 2D requires the engineer to use his skills more.

Warrant: The engineer grows better at his work due to the experience received.

IV. The use of 3D in designing is efficient

A. Reason: The use of 3D in designing does not cause any errors or misinterpretation of the information when being used in creating changes in the companies.

Warrant: The engineer eliminates the time spent and reduces the associated risks when designing because changes only occur in the downstream of a certain change.

B. Counter Argument: The use of 2D encourages the engineer to check for their errors and mistakes themselves.

Warrant: This increases their proficiency in the field.

V. The 3D has advanced features

A. Reason: The features enable more advanced activities and efficiency and accuracy.

Warrant: The advanced activities and accuracy are important due to the maintenance of quality of work.

B. Counter Argument: the 2D has simplicity and is easier to understand

Warrant: Complications can cause problems in work and may end up being expensive to resolve.

Conclusion: Many designing companies and engineers are moving towards the use of 3D than 2D CAD systems in drafting and designing because of the multiple benefits associated with it. However, it seems that some engineers and designing companies do not understand or accept the use of 3D in product designing because many companies have stuck with the use of 2D systems. Many books have attempted to explain the use of the 3D system one of them being the book ‘Drawing and detailing with Solid Works: A Workbook for Solid works’. The books provide detailed information about the 3D CAD systems and how they work. The books provide essential information on the importance of using 3D CAD systems for efficient operation in the companies. The authors demonstrate the use of 3D solid and surface components thus making it helpful for those who are studying on the ways of using AutoCAD systems.

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