Personal Essays

Personal essays are written for the purpose of admission into the university of your choice. This includes the student writing an essay depicting their personality. It has got to be convincing enough to the university board. Basically it is a set of questions that you need to answer in essay form. It is advisable to answer each question with a precise answer that describes you personality and intellect. This essay introduces you to a panel of the university and it is important to give them a good impression of who you are.

At we also do PhD admission essays. It is important to tell a brief story about yourself; which should be compelling and should also display your abilities and skills. With the knowledge that there are very few places available for PhD students then the student should strive to write the most impressive personal essay. A personal  essay that leaves the board with no other choice but to give you the admission. It is very important to realize that a slight mistake in your personal essay can cost you the chance to advance your studies. When preparing your statement make sure it is related to your field of study. Also remember to state your future plans after completing your PhD. In these types of essays your life statement is very important because it portrays the kind of person you are so it is important to make it a very positive one.

At we also have services for  persolal essays written  for college transfer. This is an essay that we write from scratch and state why you want to change colleges. It also states the reason why you would like to join this new college. It is advisable to submit the reasons very clearly to avoid any doubt and misunderstanding. In case you were ejected from the previous college it is important to state so and outline the reasons that led to your expulsion. College personal essays are not as severe as the PhD essays but it is always advisable to give it your best and is always here to offer any assistance.

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