the writers who have inspired you: William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe

Posted: November 26th, 2013

Write a coherent, unified, and researched essay on William Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. How writing has influenced your life, and how you envision writing being a part of your life in the future. As this is an academic assignment, this essay should take a somewhat formal tone, so avoid slang, personal pronouns, and contractions. This essay should include two key influencers on your writing style; in other words, authors you admire and who have inspired you. Your essay will work to explain the ingredients of good writing: what do you like about the two writers you’ve identified? You will dig into what made these writers into the artists you discovered by uncovering a bit of their background: what factors shaped their writing; what about their creative process can you reveal (this is where the research comes in)? Also, what are you working towards in your own writing, and how do you aspire to reach that goal?

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