five psychology terms

define and applying psychological concepts covered so far in class and/or in the textbook to the real-world. ( this DOES NOT include psychological disorders and therapy).follow the requirements/rubric below.
Thoroughly describe FIVE specific psychological concepts, terms, theories, etc, in your own words (4 points each). Make sure you’re picking concepts that you have personally experienced or witnessed.
For each of the five specific psychological concepts, terms, theories, etc, that you defined, connect it to an example from your own life that you, specifically, were involved in, witnessed, or experienced (don’t make up examples – you have to have personally experienced your examples for them to count). 4 Points each.
Points will be deducted for not explaining specifically how the concept occurred in real life (e.g., make sure to explain that, for example, your baby cousin demonstrated the bystander effect because she didn’t help the person drowning at the local swimming pool when other people were around, even though she noticed it happening)
 Ideas of topics that could be observed/discussed in your paper include, but are not limited to (**please do NOT incorporate concepts on mental health/disorders by “diagnosing” anyone you know or discussing therapy, instead stick to topics covered so far in class):
o Demonstration of stress related to any of the concepts covered in class, stress and illness, optimal amounts of stress (eustress), less than optimal amounts of stress (distress) o Demonstration of health and happiness o Demonstration of certain personality traits, personality theories, someone discussing or using Freudian theories o Use of specific persuasion techniques (cognitive dissonance, foot-in-the-door, central/peripheral route persuasion) o Demonstration of conformity, roles, prosocial behavior, the bystander effect, social loafing, deindividuation, groupthink, discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes o Industrial, Organizational, or Human Factors concepts as they apply to a hiring process you were a part of (being hired, hiring others, etc) o And any of your own ideas (from the text or class) are encouraged!

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