Computer science

Posted: August 22nd, 2017

This is the guideline for your individual research paper assignment. The topic of your research is Blockchain (or Block Chain).

Please review the Wikipedia link as a start on what is Blockchain.

You are to research the subject of Blockchain technology concept. You should conduct your research on this topic by reading published articles, publications, white papers, books, and/or case studies.

Write up your findings in MS Word document that

– describe the concept of Blockchain technology (What is Blockchain?)

– describe the business values and benefits of Blockchain technology

– compare and contrast Blockchain concept of managing digital documents vs existing ways of managing digitized documents

– explain major challenge(s) of implementing Blockchain technology concept

– provide at least 4 references at the end of your paper using MLA standard citation style

* At least 3 references must be from printed/published article as oppose to web published contents

* Online version of printed/published articles/papers can be referenced as non web based contents, however make sure you reference it as its original published source

* Your paper should be informative (as if you are teaching someone about Blockchain), professional and presentable

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