Application software

Posted: August 22nd, 2017

Describe five separate software applications and submit the following information:

Purpose: Describe what features the software application provides, and why you use the software. (Not all
users take advantages of all software features.)

Opinion: Your opinion of the application.

You may use any word format to document your applications, i.e., text or tables.

An application software improves users’ productivity and supports the tasks. Utility software (also known as service program, service routine, tool, or utility routine) is a type of computer software; it is specifically designed to help manage and tune the computer hardware. The operating system, also known as system software, manages the computer—I like to call it the "BOSS" of the computer system. I hope this explanation offers further level of distinctions among software programs.

Rubric Points
Application Names 25
Categories 25
Software Purposes 25

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