Apple success in China

Posted: August 22nd, 2017

write essay.

The topic is Apple success in China. Please answer the following questions. Each question should be about 1 page. No need of introduction and conclusion. Just start with the answer of question. The sources could be 4~5 or more. The sources only form website (no book sources) and the link should be attached in the work cited. Please indicate the number of question in front of the paragraph, so that I could see clearly.


  1. Brief description of company. Length of time in selected country.
  2. Why was this country selected by the company? Research the different environmental factors (economic, political, legal, socio-cultural forces) and their impact on attracting international business to the selected country. This section should be comprehensive.
  3. How did the company enter this country: franchise, joint venture, wholly owned subsidiary?
  4. What challenges/problems were encountered on entry? Focus on environmental/cultural challenges faced by the company and adaptations done.
  5. How did they respond to these challenges? Did the solutions work?


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