book summary / review

First book – Death in the Haymarket: A story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing That Divided Gilded Age America by James Green. ISBN ( 978-1-4000-3322-5)

Second book – Eisenhower 1956: The President’s Year of Crisis: Suez and the Brink of War by David A. Nichols. ISBN ( 978-1-4391-3933-2)


Ever since its beginnings in the early 20th century, the film industry has produced works that have focused on an array of historical subjects and events.  Just as longstanding has been criticism of Hollywood for its interpretation of the past in movies.  While many films have been celebrated for their attention to detail and historical accuracy, others have been dismissed as little more than propaganda designed to reinterpret past events, or shape public opinion.  Your assignment is to watch two movies (an older and newer film), one from each of the lists below, that deal with American history in the 20th century.  Students will, after choosing and watching their films, write a 2-3 page essay (12-pt font, double-spaced) that addresses the following issues/questions:

1) What is the historical drama (i.e., time period, event, set of circumstances) that each of your films represents?  Explain.

2) Having watched the films, in your estimation or opinion, what is the overall message or point that each movie attempts to get across or elaborate?

3) Are these films, as you see it, more concerned with accurately representing the past (history), or with saying something about the present (the time when the film was made)?  Explain.

4) After viewing one film from the older classic era of Hollywood, and one from more recent times, can you say anything about how the portrayal of American history in the movies has changed over time?  For example, has the portrayal of minorities (African Americans, women, and immigrants to the U.S.) in cinema changed at all over the years?  Explain.






The Grapes of Wrath, 1940 (Great Depression)

Sergeant York, 1941 (America and World War I)

Citizen Kane, 1941 (“Yellow Press,” Gilded Age)

Casablanca, 1942 (America and World War II)

Inherit the Wind, 1960 (1925 Scopes Trial, Religion v. Science)

To Kill A Mockingbird, 1962 (Race and Violence in the South)

Dr. Strangelove, 1964 (Cold War, Nuclear Holocaust)



Tora! Tora! Tora! 1970 (World War II, Pearl Harbor)

All the President’s Men, 1976 (Impeachment of President Richard Nixon)

Mississippi Burning, 1988 (Modern Civil Rights Movement)

Malcolm X, 1992 (Modern Civil Rights Movement)

Good Night, and Good Luck, 2005 (Communism, McCarthy Era of the 1950s)

Milk, 2008 (Gay Rights Movement)

The Immigrant, 2013 (The “New Immigrant” Experience of the Early 20th Century)


One final note.  Do not use any outside sources, other than the films, to write your essays.  If you want to quote lines from the movies you watched to make a particular point, that is fine, acceptable, even encouraged.  However, there should be no footnotes or citations.  The entire essay should be in your own words, and not drawn from articles on the internet, or popular reviews of any of the films in publications.  Your reaction to the films as representations of the historical past, and how this process (making movies about history) has changed over time is what I am interested in, not what others may have said or written about the topic.




NHRA Sportsman Categories – Top Sportsman

AET 330 Presentation Grading Rubric Spring 2015
Presenter: _____________   Topic:  ________________   Reviewer:________Dr. Peters__  
  Highlights indicate specifics for the category pertaining to your presentation. For scores less than minimum please see the additional remarks section. Points Awarded Points Possible  
  20 15 10 0-5      
Communication Skills Speaks clearly, generates interest, delivers with enthusiasm, is not monotone Short speech under 6 mins or Struggles moderately with speech Monotone or struggles significantly with speech no voice   20  


  • the beginning of the sport
  • major highlights to date
  • some of the rules
  • the type of participants
  • the current state of the sport
  • the type of people that watch
  • other pertinent factors that make the presentation interesting
Overall length, under 8 minutes, does not allow for proper development of content Overall length, under 5 minutes, does not allow for proper development of content  depth of content discernable (might not have voice-over)   20  
Power Point Presentation Well developed, presents relevant material, good use of graphics, large enough print for all to read, unique, interesting, not too wordy Slide design detracted from viewing words, Multiple grammatical mistakes on more than one slide Words on slides are the “speech”   20  
Presentation Mechanics Time 12-18 minutes

Voice Over good quality

Speech is in the notes section

Slides automatically advance

Voice automatically starts on each slide

, Missing two components Missing more than two components Not enough voice over   20  
Impact Details impact of the sport on society

Explicitly address economic and social implications

 Missing one component but one is well developed Not well developed but present No impact on economy or social implications   20  
        Column Totals—>  +10 110 of 100  
            10 is for  
Additional Comments: TOTAL ==> On-time  


Nationalisms in middle east.

write a paper talking about the nationalisms in Middle East(( Arab, Kurdish, Turkish, Persians)).
Essay should talk about the nationalisms in Middle East in:
– what and who are they ((Arab, Kurdish, Turkish, Persians)).
– the relations between them, the religion and sects?
talk about these nationalisms and ideology.
how their relations with Islam?

talk about the nationalism in Middle East by understanding the main concepts OF THIS RESOURS BELOW.

1- Hobsbawm. E.J 1990: Nations and Nationalism since 1780, Cambridge, University Press.
2- Gellner, Ernest. 1983. Nations and Nationalism. Ithaca: Cornell University Press.


1. Choose a country to observe the dominant culture. You will observing the dominant culture for that country. The country CANNOT be in North America.
2. Find videos to observe aspects of the culture. You must watch a documentary (long or short), an interview with someone currently from that culture (if you know someone, you may conduct the interview as long as you send me the recording), and an insightful film, newsreel, or other type of video that focuses on one specific aspect of the culture. Watch all the videos and make observational notes from that culture.
3. Answer all of the following questions. Most, if not all, should be answered from your observations. If you need to do additional research, you may.
4. This is due by Tuesday, July 18 at 11:59PM
5. Attach your observational notes from each video to the end of this worksheet. You may take a photo of hand written notes and send me the photo. OR you can send as typed up notes. Please make sure that it is clear which notes were taken for each video.
6. In-text citations MUST be provided in EVERY answer

1. Which culture did you choose and why? (Answer should be one sentence long)
2. Which videos did you watch to make your observations? Please include a 2-3 sentence summary of each video you watched. If they are online videos please include the links. The links needs to be cited in APA format. (Your answer should include all citations + 2-3 sentence description PER citation)
3. Describe the assumptions you had about the culture before you began your observations? Assumptions may include, but are not limited to: clothing, landscape, mannerisms, food, drinks, drugs, traditions, hobbies, sense of family, sense of self and etc… (answer should be one paragraph)
4. Describe the culture’s political system and the people’s relationship to the political system.who is the leader? how is the leader chosen? how are policies passed? how are policies written? how long has the country had this type of political system? is the political system successful? how involved are everyday citizens in the political process? does the government allow political speech, action, involvement? how much does the government allow?…All of the preceding questions should be answered.
Need to provide in-text citation
5. Describe the varying roles and expectation of members in the group.
For example: gender roles/expectations, family roles/expectations, societal roles/expectations and etc… You only need to mention two different roles and two different expectations; to be clear, this means there are a total of 4 described at minimum. Answers must be descriptive. In-text citations
6. Name 2-3 traditions and/or cultural practices you found interesting.
This section can include: holidays, manners, rites of passage, and etc.
7. Describe 2-3 food dishes that are unique to that culture. Make sure you explain how the food is prepared and how it is consumed and why it is unique to that culture. In-text citations
Example 1, rice is not unique to any culture; however, stick mango rice is unique to Thai culture.
8. What language do they speak? Do they have a national language? (Answer should be one sentence in length)Need to provide in-text citation
9.How do they communicate? You should discuss 2-4 verbal and nonverbal codes from the culture; to be clear, this means a minimum of 4 total is described. You can get a list of verbal and nonverbal codes from the textbook. Be descriptive, not lazy. Please be descriptive. In-text citation
10. Explain one taxonomy component that applies to the cultural group. Again be descriptive, not lazy. Please state clearly whether they are high, mid, or low within the component that you chose. Provide a specific, descriptive example to help support your claim.(Answer should be a minimum of one paragraph)
11. Please attach all the notes you made for the 3+ videos you watched. Please make sure you have your notes titled for each section.

English 101

The theme is the “coming of Age”

  Annotated Bibliography

One of the more useful tools in conducting research is the annotated bibliography.  An annotated bibliography combines the citations found in the References list at the end of documents in APA format with annotations about each of the sources.  For this assignment, you will construct an annotated bibliography based upon the theme that you selected at the beginning of the semester.

Purpose:  An annotated bibliography is an organizing tool that is helpful when working on a research project.  An effective annotated bibliography is used to compile research sources in one location and provide the researcher with quick access to the information contained in each source.

Audience: This assignment should be directed at your scholarly peers, and you may assume that they have only a casual familiarity with your topic or issue.

Content Requirements:

  1. Citation for your source in APA format.
  2. Paragraph 1—Include a brief annotation that summarizes the source (approx. 5-7 sentences). Do not use quotations. All of the annotation should be in your own words.

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Locate 4 CREDIBLE sources, 3 of which must be scholarly journal articles.
  2. Construct and upload your Annotated Bibliography.

Constraints:  The annotated bibliography is a fairly rigid genre.  Your citations must adhere to APA format.  This will be one of the central components of the grade for this assignment.   Failure to follow APA format exactly will harm your grade.

The annotations for each source should follow an academic style.  This means that you must construct, with elevated and sophisticated language, correct grammatical sentences that effectively summarize what each source has to say.  Additionally, you should explain how each source is relevant to the issue that you have selected and what it adds to your knowledge about your issue.

Assignment guidelines:

  • 4 CREDIBLE sources, 3 of which must be scholarly journal articles

Note:  Choosing sources that are not credible will result in your work not being reviewed. (20 points)

  • Sources must have been composed in the last 5 years. (15 points)
  • Sources focused around a narrowed issue (5 points)
  • Adherence to APA format for all citations (25 points)
  • Sources in alphabetical order according to author. (5 points)
  • Thoughtful and complete annotations of (5-7 sentences for the first paragraph, 3-5 sentences for the 2nd paragraph) (20 points)
  • Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling (10 points)
  • Due Date:  Sunday, 7/16, by 11:59 p.m. EST





Develop a research document for implementing technology tools for identifying issues with Traumatic brain Injury. Using IT resources to identify and alert individuals with TBI impacts PTSD. Example, an alert sent to a phone when body indicates high tension periods.

1. Introduction
2. Problem Analysis
3. Research Topic
4. Impact of the Problem
5. Root Cause of the Problem
6. Current Political Environment
7. Current Economic Influence
8. Legislative Rulings
9. Economic and Non-economic Variables
10. Annotated Bibliography (pt. 1)
11. Annotated Bibliography (pt. 2)


write a 6-10 page paper (excluding title and references) on a social psychology
topic of your choice in APA style (6th edition).
Choosing a Topic
Choose a topic that interests you. A good start would be to look at the chapter topics that we
will be covering in this course and review the topic in the textbook. You may choose a topic
even if it was not covered extensively in class. You will have to do some preliminary reading to
narrow down your topic so it’s not too broad. You can always consult with me if you are unsure
if it is too broad.
Choosing a Paper to Write (2 options)
1. Literature Review Option
This paper will involve reviewing the literature with a critical eye and suggesting areas of new
research. You may highlight methodological weaknesses in previous studies that should be
strengthened as well as new areas of research. You should do a thorough enough literature
review to ensure that your suggestions have not been researched before. This could be a great
starting point for a research project or honour’s thesis.
2. Application of Social Psychology
This paper will take a topic in social psychology and apply it to a real world problem to change
or improve what currently exists. The application can be to traditional social problems (e.g.,
homelessness, inequality) or more specific problems (e.g., getting people to buy a new type of
cell phone, attend a rehabilitation program, etc.). The format of the paper would be divided
into a literature review and an applied section. You would define your topic, review the
literature on it, introduce the social problem or situation you wish to apply your topic to, and
then apply the literature review findings you previously discussed as ways to solve the problem.

cite at least seven peer reviewed journal article references.

Article Annotation

For each article, you must put together a brief annotation. Your annotation should include the following: title and authors of the articles; the type of research that was conducted (qualitative or quantitative; exploratory, descriptive, or explanatory); the research question(s) and hypotheses; the research method(s) employed; the sample size and any pertinent sample demographics; the results of the study; the conclusion the author(s) come to. Why do you think the researcher(s) chose the particular method to answer the study’s research question? What limitations of the study did you see (or were mentioned by the authors)? For each article, prepare 1-2 discussion questions.

SOC 210 – Research Methods


Article Annotation Template


Lastname, Firstname and Firstname Lastname. Year of publication. “Title of Article: An Annotation.” Title of Journal (volume)issue:pagenumber-pagenumber.



Research Question(s):







Type of Study: (Qualitative/quantitative/mixed; exploratory/explanatory/descriptive/evaluation)















Interpretation of Results:








Suggestions for Future Research:




Discussion Questions:



I am taking a four week internship at a Private Hospital, periodic reports are required every week and this is the third report. I have been working in the Payroll/Payable section of the finance department for the current week.
Professor Instructions:
After you complete your first 40 hours of training you are requested to write a short, periodic report (a maximum of four pages – Times Roman with font-size 12) which describes your performance (you can include some documents of the accomplished tasks at the organization).

Some suggestion questions that may help you write your periodic report:
– What training were you able to complete during the last 40 hours of training?
– Did you face any problems or difficulties? If so, how did you solve them?
– Did you receive any feedback (positive or negative) during the last 40 hours? If so, what was it?
– Have you learned any new skills? Explain.
– What were some of the advantages and disadvantages you found in the work environment during these 40 hours?
– What contributions did you make to the organization?
– Overall, what did you learn during these 40 hours? How did you benefit from these 40 hours of training?

You need to organize your report around the points mentioned above (use them as titles) in order to make sure you address all needed points. you need also to start the report with a summary of what you have done during the week.